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    Winnellie Hydraulics is renowned in the Top End as the ‘go to’ hydraulics hire specialists, servicing our local and regional customer all over North Australia. With our beefed up hire fleet we now have the largest arsenal in the business, ready to service all your workshop and on-site needs with the options for:

    Bolting Tools

    • Cassette Wrenches
    • Square Drive Wrenches
    • Nutsplitters
    • Flange Alignment Tools
    • Flange Spreaders
    • More

    Lifting Tools

    • Hydraulic Jacks
    • 2 way / 4 way manifolds
    • Air, Electric and Manual Pumps
    • Gauges, Control Valves,
    • 2, 3, 4 & 8m Hoses
    • More

    Regardless of your location, accessibility or power source we have a solution for your problem!

    This hire fleet was formed as a resource for our customers that require a specialized solution without the headache and capital expense of purchasing, which at times can be a very expensive investment. Sometimes starting at $3,000 for a simple jack/pump set onto upwards of $20,000 for a torque wrench pump.

    If you can’t justify these sorts of figures on equipment that could potentially go unused for months, hiring is your solution. Hiring also provides unrivaled availability as the need for this equipment rarely comes with much notice. Whether you need to press a bearing, lift a heavy load, undo a nut, tighten up a bolt, or anything in between we have it covered.

    We are building on this fleet every week so if there’s something you need that we haven’t got, well strive to provide a solution regardless of the challenge!

    • Need your equipment upgraded, serviced or calibrated? Hire during downtime!
    • Loving the tool you’ve hired? Ask us about ‘Hire to Buy’!
    • Got some stubborn bolts? Ask us about our Daily hire!

    Offline Oil Polishing Unit


    For Purchase: POA (Pricing on Availability)
    For Hire: POA (Pricing on Availability)

    Download Pdf

    Offline Oil Polishing Unit:

    This offline polishing unit is for a general polishing setup which can achieve NAS 6 or ISO 16/14/12 oil cleanliness requirements. The set up consists of two tandem in line filters that have a 10 and 3 micron rated elements.


    This is an Offline Polishing Unit which can be used for various types of hydraulic oil:

    • Petroleum
    • Synthetic
    • Water based

    Special Features:

    • Portable Detachable Setup
    • Interchangeable
    • Light weight and specifically designed for convenient

    Graco Diaphragm Pump 1590

    • Max. flow rate – 100 G/pm (378L/pm)

    Graco Diaphragm Pump 1050

    • Max. flow rate – 50G/pm (189L/pm)

    Cascade Filtration Unit

    • 3µm – 20µm

    Portable Data Recorder HMG 4000


    For Purchase: $9,025.00
    For Hire: $150.00 per day

    Download Pdf

    HMG HandHeld Measuring Units

    Winnellie Hydraulics is renowned in the Top End as the go to hydraulics hire specialists servicing our local and regional customer all over North Australia. With our beefed up hire fleet we now have the largest arsenal in the business ready to service all your workshop and on-site needs with the options for:

    • A large, full graphics colour display 5.7″ touch screen
    • Capable of recording up to 38 sensors at once, 8 analogue, 2 digital sensors and 28 HSCI sensors via CAN bus.
    • Up to 100 measurement channels can be depicted simultaneously
    • A high-speed measuring rate, up to 8 sensors at 0.1 ms at a time.
    • A rapid and automatic basic setting of the device by means of automatic sensor detection
    • Analogue inputs 0.. 20 mA, 4 .. 20 mA Voltage 0 .. 50V, -10 .. 10 V
    • PT 100/1000 input
    • Connection to a CAN bus system (also J1939)
    • A simple and user-friendly operation, intuitive menu
    • A practical, robust design
    • A very large data memory for archiving measurement curves. Enables the storage of 500 measurements with up to 8 Million
      measured values
    • Various measurement modes
    • The recording of dynamic processes “online” in real time
    • Event-driven measurements with several triggering options
    • A programming function for HYDAC switch devices
    • A PC interface via USB
    • Also, a USB Host connection for USB memory sticks
    • Convenient visualisation, archiving and data processing using the HMGWIN software

    FluidControl Unit FCU 1000 Series


    For Purchase: $13,785.00
    For Hire: $150.00 per day

    Download Pdf

    FCU Fluid Control Units

    The FCU 1000 is a portable service unit. It serves for short-term measurement of particle contamination, the humidity level in % saturation and temperature of the fluid in hydraulic systems.


    • An integrated AquaSensor AS 1000 for measuring humidity and temperature
    • It is also suitable for hydraulic fluids up to 350 mm²/s (hydraulic fluids up to ISO VG 68)


    • Operating mode: short-term operation (S4, in accordance with DIN EN 60034/VDE 0530)
    • Cleanliness classes in accordance with ISO and SAE and/or NAS:
    • Measurement range calibrated: ISO 13/11/10 … ISO 23/21/18
    • Measurement range display: ISO Code 9/8/7 (MIN) to ISO Code 25/24/23 (MAX)

    Offline Filtration Trolley OFT20


    For Purchase: $2,655.00
    For Hire: $150.00 per day

    Download Pdf

    OFT20 Offline Filtration Trolley

    The HYDAC OFT 20 series is an offline filtration trolley. It has a flow capacity up to 20 l/min and a pressure capacity up to 3.5 bar.
    The Offline Filtration Trolley is a mobile oil service unit. So, it serves for filtering oil when filling systems or transferring hydraulic, lubricating fluids and filtering current tanks.
    What’s more, its applications are hydraulic and lubrication oil systems in a variety of industries.


    • A convenient offline filtration
    • An easy operation
    • The reduction in Life Cycle Cost .
    • Pneumatic tyres
    • Also, a detachable filter unit with carry handle
    • Ecomicron – incinerable element.

    700PTP-1 Pneumatic Test Pump


    For Purchase: $1,250.00
    For Hire: $45.00 per day

    Download Pdf

    700PTP-1 Pneumatic Test Pump

    The Fluke-700PTP-1 pneumatic test pump is capable of supplying pressures up to 600 psi, 40 bar.
    For use with 700 series pressure modules or test gauges. Can be directly connected to the reference port consolidating two separate pieces when performing pressure calibration and testing. Can also be used with 717 pressure calibrators. Ideal for calibrating pressure transmitters, pressure switches and pressure gauges up to 600 PSI/40 bar.

    • Pump can be easily cleaned without disassembly
    • The vernier can be used as a stand-alone low pressure calibration source
    • Two pressure ports allowing simultaneous connection:
      • ¼ in NPT female fitting for the reference gauge or pressure module
      • ¼ in NPT female fitting for the unit under test
    • Adjustable stroke length can be set to limit the pressure per stroke
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    Jutta TilleryJutta Tillery
    14:34 02 Apr 22
    Excellent customer service, kept us updated throughout the delivery process really looking forward to doing business with Waltan Tools again soon
    Daniel and ScottDaniel and Scott
    12:02 29 Jun 21
    We have done business with Winnellie Hydraulics on numerous occasions and find them to always be nothing but professional, honest and reliable.Their customer service is excellent and they are always a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend Winnellie Hydraulics and we look forward to continuing business with Max and the team in the up and coming future.
    Damien PedersenDamien Pedersen
    06:23 15 Feb 21
    Winnellie Hydraulics are up most professional and I am always impressed with the service offered and provided. The team at Winnellie Hydraulics are highly skilled, innovative and ever reliable. They continue to be the Territory’s leading service specialists within the fields of the hydraulic and pneumatic services and solutions. The team have a broad range of knowledge in hydraulic, pneumatic, hose management and products across a extensive range of divisions. The team at Winnellie Hydraulics are easy to work with and really appreciate their customers and strive for continuous business improvement.
    Rob NorthRob North
    07:53 10 Feb 21
    Efficient, professional and dedicated. The team at Winnellie Hydraulics are a pleasure to work with and are customer service specialists.Max and the team have taken on many challenges to assist with emergent scopes at our onshore facility in Darwin. They go above and beyond to meet the timeline required without missing a beat on quality.I highly recommend dealing with them and look forward to future business.Thanks guys
    Sonia HarveySonia Harvey
    05:25 08 Feb 21
    The team at Winnellie Hydraulics are customer service specialists! They certainly go above and beyond to meet the needs of customers and are a great local service and supply business. I highly recommend dealing with them.
    Darren SteeleDarren Steele
    02:59 07 Feb 21
    For all your Hydraulic & Pneumatic needs, Winnellie Hydraulics has you covered.Max and the team run a great operation that supports the Oil & Gas and Mining industries.With great brands supporting them, they are truly the one stop shop for all your engineering needs.
    Dipak NandDipak Nand
    23:06 04 Feb 21
    The team at Winnellie hydraulics, is great to work with, they understand our priority and service delivery to our Defence clients, No job too small or big and delivering of high quality products and service. Also really easy to deal with in regards to faults/ warranty and SME service . Highly recommended to use.
    Darren UptonDarren Upton
    22:54 04 Feb 21
    Winnellie Hydraulics are a Parker PPD for the NT which means they have full access to all Parkers Hannifin products & our local Engineering team in Australia who can work with Winnellie on any projects where clients needs are meet using Parkers products & their insulation experience
    Ben TilbrookBen Tilbrook
    07:35 04 Feb 21
    Outstanding commitment to their customers, in my experience there isn’t anything that is too hard for this mob. Always prepared to find solutions to their customers now matter how big or small the request. A great family business who take pride in providing product and service.
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