SIZE DN900



    Size DN900


    Class/Table Flange O.D. PCD Bolts Bolt Size Hole Size Minimum Flange Thickness*
    Cast Iron Ductile Iron Copper Alloy Steel
    ASME 150 B16.47 Series A Supersedes MSS-SP44 1168.5mm 1085.8mm 32 41.1mm 90.5mm
    ASME 300 B16.47 Series A Supersedes MSS-SP44 1270.1mm 1168.4mm 32 53.8mm 104.7mm WN
    111.3mm BL
    ASME Class 600 B16.5 B16.47 Series A Supersedes MSS-SP44 1314.5mm 1193.8mm 28 66.5mm 124mm WN
    162.1mm BL
    ASME Class 900 B16.5 B16.47 Series A Supersedes MSS-SP44 1460.6mm 1289mm 20 91.9mm 171.5mm WN
    214.4mm BL
    ASME 150 B16.47 Series B Supersedes API-605 1057.2mm 1009.6mm 44 25.4mm 52.4mm WN
    58.7mm BL
    ASME 300 B16.47 Series B Supersedes API-605 1171.5mm 1089.11mm 32 44.4mm 103.2mm
    ASME Class 600 B16.5 B16.47 Series B Supersedes API605 1212.9mm 1104.9mm 28 60.4mm 146.4mm WN
    150.9mm BL
    ASME Class 900 B16.5 B16.47 Series B Supersedes API605 1346.3mm 1200.1mm 24 79.2mm 173mm WN
    201.7mm BL
    BS3293 Class 150 1168.5mm 1085.8mm 32 41.2mm 60.4mm
    BS3293 Class 300 1270.1mm 1168.4mm 32 53.9mm 104.8mm WN
    241.4mm BL
    BS3293 Class 600 1314.5mm 1193.5mm 28 66.6mm 123.9mm WN
    282.6mm BL
    BS4504-PN10② 1115mm 1050mm 28 M30 32.5mm

    ② British metric standard BS4504 is now obsolete and replaced by EN1092-1 edition 09-2008 for steel flanges which also incorporates DIN2501 standard. EN1092-1 is also published in the British standards as BS-EN1092-1. Flange drillings in EN1092-1 are generally the same as BS4504 but EN1092-1 covers a wider range.

    * Varies according to flange type (thickness includes raised face height where applicable) refer to standard

    WN= Weld Neck

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    Jutta TilleryJutta Tillery
    14:34 02 Apr 22
    Excellent customer service, kept us updated throughout the delivery process really looking forward to doing business with Waltan Tools again soon
    Daniel and ScottDaniel and Scott
    12:02 29 Jun 21
    We have done business with Winnellie Hydraulics on numerous occasions and find them to always be nothing but professional, honest and reliable.Their customer service is excellent and they are always a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend Winnellie Hydraulics and we look forward to continuing business with Max and the team in the up and coming future.
    Damien PedersenDamien Pedersen
    06:23 15 Feb 21
    Winnellie Hydraulics are up most professional and I am always impressed with the service offered and provided. The team at Winnellie Hydraulics are highly skilled, innovative and ever reliable. They continue to be the Territory’s leading service specialists within the fields of the hydraulic and pneumatic services and solutions. The team have a broad range of knowledge in hydraulic, pneumatic, hose management and products across a extensive range of divisions. The team at Winnellie Hydraulics are easy to work with and really appreciate their customers and strive for continuous business improvement.
    Rob NorthRob North
    07:53 10 Feb 21
    Efficient, professional and dedicated. The team at Winnellie Hydraulics are a pleasure to work with and are customer service specialists.Max and the team have taken on many challenges to assist with emergent scopes at our onshore facility in Darwin. They go above and beyond to meet the timeline required without missing a beat on quality.I highly recommend dealing with them and look forward to future business.Thanks guys
    Sonia HarveySonia Harvey
    05:25 08 Feb 21
    The team at Winnellie Hydraulics are customer service specialists! They certainly go above and beyond to meet the needs of customers and are a great local service and supply business. I highly recommend dealing with them.
    Darren SteeleDarren Steele
    02:59 07 Feb 21
    For all your Hydraulic & Pneumatic needs, Winnellie Hydraulics has you covered.Max and the team run a great operation that supports the Oil & Gas and Mining industries.With great brands supporting them, they are truly the one stop shop for all your engineering needs.
    Dipak NandDipak Nand
    23:06 04 Feb 21
    The team at Winnellie hydraulics, is great to work with, they understand our priority and service delivery to our Defence clients, No job too small or big and delivering of high quality products and service. Also really easy to deal with in regards to faults/ warranty and SME service . Highly recommended to use.
    Darren UptonDarren Upton
    22:54 04 Feb 21
    Winnellie Hydraulics are a Parker PPD for the NT which means they have full access to all Parkers Hannifin products & our local Engineering team in Australia who can work with Winnellie on any projects where clients needs are meet using Parkers products & their insulation experience
    Ben TilbrookBen Tilbrook
    07:35 04 Feb 21
    Outstanding commitment to their customers, in my experience there isn’t anything that is too hard for this mob. Always prepared to find solutions to their customers now matter how big or small the request. A great family business who take pride in providing product and service.
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